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Camp Date Early Bird Price* Price* Age(By Dec 31) Description Register
Jr. Squirt June 30-1 $90 $90 Age 6-7 Description Register Here
Family Camp July 3-5 information coming soon All Ages Description
Junior 1 July 5-10 $336 $346 Age 8-11 Description Register Here
Young Teen 1 July 12-17 $336 $346 Age 12-14 Description Register Here
Junior 2 July 19-24 $336 $346 Age 8-11 Description Register Here
Sr. Squirt July 26-29 $200 $205 Age 7-8 Description Register Here
Forged (Paintball Camp) July 26-29 $395 $405 Age 12-15 Description Register Here
Young Teen 2 Aug 2-7 $336 $346 Age 12-14 Description Register Here
Junior 3 Aug 9-14 $336 $346 8-11 Description Register Here
Youth Camp Aug 16-21 $336 $346 15-18 Description Register Here

* Price includes base camp fee, tuck and tax. Early bird discounts are in effect until April 30 2020.

Jr. Squirt
Drop off - 11:00am Pick up - 4:00pm

Specifically designed to introduce our youngest guests to everything summer camp has to offer, this 2 day, 1 night camp includes all of our fantastic activities. With crafts, swimming, and the other things that make West Bank Bible camp unique and special

Jr. Squirt
Registration -

Come out for a few days with your family. Try new skills and have fun getting to know other families in the community.

Junior Camps
Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

This 5 night camp is the perfect length to get the campers a break from home but still give them a great experience with all the skills and games that we have lined up for them.

Young Teen Camps
Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

Come to this specially formulated Young Teen camp. Be part of amazing activities and games such as climbing, paintball, wide games and so much more.

Sr. Squirt
Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

High energy and excitement describe this camp best! This 3 night, 4 day camp includes everything that West Bank Bible Camp has to offer. From wide games to various skills to time in the pool, this camp is like no other.

Forged (Paintball/Adventure camp)
Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

. This year we are happy to introduce our new Forged paintball/adventure camp! This camp is aimed at boys ages 12-15 who have a passion for playing paintball and trying new outdoor activities like; hiking, creek canoeing, outdoor camp-outs, and much more. This camp will be a smaller group around 20 campers, and will allow for a more personal chapel/ bible learning experience. The goal is to promote deeper learning, build life long bonds between Christians, and to allow for opportunities to ask questions and dig deeper into the Bible then may be available at a larger camp.

Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

This is a camp where they....

Drop off - 4:00pm Pick up - 6:00pm

An extended weekend of exciting worship services, spiritual adventures, great friendship and personal growth. It is a weekend that you do not want to miss out on.


Form Name Description Download Link*
Assumption of Risk This is the form that everyone who attends camp will need to fill out. it is important that both the camper and the legal guardian sign the form. Download Form
Medical Form This is the form that is all the medical information Download Form


Archery - Jr. Camps, Young Teen, Youth

Canoe, Kayaks, and Kites - Jr. Camps, Young Teen, Youth

Balloons, Bubbles, and Bracelets - Squirt, Jr. Camps

Climbing - Squirt, Jr. Camps, Young Teen, Youth

Creation and Crafts - Squirt, Jr. Camps

Creeks, Crickets and Crayfish - Squirt, Jr. Camps

Drama - Young Teen

Games and Sports - Jr. Camps, Young Teen, Youth

Hiking and Outdoor Cooking - Young Teen, Youth

Horsemanship ($35) - Jr. Camps, Young Teen, Youth

Paintball ($45) - Young Teen, Youth

What to bring

Clothes for the amount of days at camp
Warm clothes for evenings
Rainy day cloths
Running shoes
Cowboy boots/Rubber boots for horsemanship if applicable
Mosquito spray
Sleeping bag/bedding
Blue t-shirt
Red t-shirt
Prescribed medications if applicable
Notebook and Pen
Water bottle
A good attitude

What not to bring (Not responsible if damaged)

Cellphone (No Service)
Personal Electronics (Computer/Tablet/Gaming device, etc.)
Knives (including pocket)
Vapes and accessories
Cigarettes and any other tobacco products
Cannabis products
Offensive clothing
Expensive Clothing(camp is rough)
A bad attitude
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