Our Skills

Campers can conquer new challenges in a positive encouraging environment. Camp is a new place with freedom to try something new. We have three skill  periods a day with everything from horseback riding and exploring the creek to wall climbing and crafts. There is something that will challenge and thrill every camper. Register early so you won't be disappointed. Some skills fill up quickly.


Archery (Junior, combined with pelletry for Young Teen)

Archery teaches children the skill of dexterity and precision. Our patient skills leaders teacher the children to be careful listeners of instruction in order to keep others safe and still have lots of fun. Many love archery because they finally get to shoot an arrow for perhaps the first time. There is always a lot of fun and laughter as well as high-fives for the occasional bulls-eye. 


Balloons, Bubbles & Bracelets (Senior Squirt, Junior)

In Balloons, Bubbles & Bracelets (BBB), our Sr. Squirt and Junior campers have the opportunity to create friendship bracelets, blowing bubbles and build friendships with other campers and staff. This skill is constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to connect with people.


Canoes, Kayaks & Kites (Junior, Young Teen)

This skill immerses our campers into trusting and relying on other all the while building teamwork. After learning basic paddling motions, campers are able to experience the water in a team for canoeing or paddling. This skill also features large kits that may be flown if the wind is appropriate. 


Climbing Wall (Senior Squirt, Junior, Young Teen)

The climbing wall teachers children to have trust in those who are supporting them as well as teaching them to not give up. The climbing wall is also a great exercise and requires skill in calculations as to where to put your foot for hoisting yourself up. It also builds friendships as others encourage the climbers that they are "almost at the top!"





Creation & Crafts (Senior Squirt, Junior)

This skill teachers kids about the beauty of God and the unique ways He has created everything. The campers also have the chance to make their own creations that help to remind them of our ultimate Creator.


Creek, Crickets and Crayfish (Senior Squirt, Junior)

Creek Crickets and crayfish is a simple, fun and relaxing way to learn about God's beautiful creation. Children get to splash in the cool creek water on  a hot day as well as catch crayfish and learn what crayfish look like. They also learn that in all of this, they must be respectful of and take care of God's beautiful creation.

Drama (Young Teen)

Drama is such a fun skill that gives kids the opportunity to bring out their creative side. Drama draws out so much laughter and fun in all those who want to join. Drama teaches children how to have pure fun and also teaches how to articulate what they are trying to say in a creative, expressive way. Drama builds so many friendships and teaches communication in different ways. 

Games & Sports (Senior Squirt, Junior, Young Teen)

What better way to build teamwork and friendships than through sports and games? Sports and games teach children good sportsmanship, especially in instances where they have not won a game. It also teachers them the value of teammates and including others. Whether playing soccer, capture the flag, or another creative game, Games & Sports is bound to build friendships and lasting teammates. 

Hiking & Outdoor Cooking (Young Teen)

Tasty foods over the fire and hikes to the Rosettas are just a few things that children have the opportunity to do during Outdoor Cooking & Hiking. This skill is very relaxing but also very helpful as the children learn simple foods they can make over a fire. This is also a great skill for building friendships because the hikes give the children the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with each other. 

Horsemanship (Junior, Young Teen)

Horsemanship enables campers to learn about horses, riding techniques and building trust. In these ways, our wranglers ensure the safety of each rider. Throughout the week, the horsemanship skill may enjoy trailrides, bareback riding and bonding time with the horse they are matched to.

Paintball (Young Teen)

Paintball is a skill that builds strong teams as children face an opposing team. Children learn how to use strategy to reach their objective whether it is rescuing a fellow team member or trying to bring a piece of important information back to their side. Paintball teaches children self-control, patience and strategy as they listen to instructions and play by the rules in order to have safe fun. 



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