Meal Games

 In case you wondered if there was enough fun and games at West Bank, we'll let you know that we play a game for each meal! The breakfast run, lunch game, Elbows and Cabin Clean-Up results determine which cabin gets to eat first.

In the breakfast run, each cabin must be on time for the breakfast bell and seated before their cabin leader can run to find a program director. One of the program directors will be hiding each morning, and the order that cabin leaders find them is the order in which they go in for breakfast.  

To determine which cabin goes in first for lunch, cabins play lunch games. These games include limbo, Ripstick races, writing songs, hug monster, musical chairs, and classic mop bucket curling.

Cabin Clean-Up results determine who gets to go in first for supper. 

Also, at every meal, we play an etiquette game with our elbows. If someone is spotted and called out with their elbows on the table, they and their entire table must run around the dining hall after a rousing rendition of the Elbows song. 

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