Dress Code

Please choose modesty when selecting clothes to wear at camp.

Boys – we ask that shirts be worn at all times unless at poolside or during other waterfront activities.  (No speedos, please.)

Girls – Swimwear – one piece or tankinis.  (No bikinis, please.)

If unsure of clothing choices, please err on the side of modesty.

Updated July 2017

Gender Statement

West Bank Bible Camp is an evangelical Christian institution, affiliated with the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. It adheres to a biblically based program and set of beliefs, including that the Bible is the authoritative guide for faith and practice. Our religious beliefs and practices include the belief that God created men and women as distinct and equal people (Genesis 1:27). As a result of our religious beliefs and practices, all campers and staff will be assigned to cabins and will be required to use washrooms and other facilities based upon their biological gender.



Pets are not encouraged at camp, however in the event that an animal must be brought to camp we ask that they be kept on a leash or in a kennel at all times.

Updated September 201


Volunteer & Visitor Policy


You are welcome to come and visit camp, however, please observe the following guidelines

-          24 hours notice must be given the Executive Director – drop in guests are not permitted

-          Visitor Log – All visitors must sign in at the Office and obtain a visitor lanyard before visiting or touring the property. This is required by the SCA.

-          Guests are welcome to stay at camp until 10:30 PM or lights out, whichever is first

-          Staff duties to our paying guest groups (including campers) must receive your full attention and priority. Staff is not permitted to socialize with visitors while expected to be “on.”

-          Visitors are welcome to eat with us. There must be advanced permission given by the cook and Kitchen Manager. Meals are by donation with a suggested minimum of $5

-          Overnight accommodation for out of town guests is generally unavailable. In any circumstances, this must be checked with the Executive Director.



·        Thank you for your generosity in serving our camp through your volunteerism! We really appreciate you giving of your time to serve with us!

·        Insurance requires that we have physical copies of criminal record checks for every volunteer on site. West Bank can provide volunteer letters to help in the process of obtaining criminal record checks.

·        If your volunteering is limited to a short time period, we are sad that you are not able to stay for longer, but do require that you sign in to the office and obtain a visitor lanyard. Unidentified individuals will be reported to the Executive Director.

·        For the welfare of our staff and campers, we ask that you abide by the quiet and lights out time set. Quiet time begins after fireside, with the start of cabin devos. Lights out for staff is one hour after camper lights out, and they must be in their cabins at that point.